Australian Greyhound Racing

Cessnock Greyhound Racing Track

Cessnock Dog Track
The Cessnock greayhound racing track is the worlds largest greyhound track in operation, with turns of 8.41m radius. The track has also been claimed to be the greatest greyhound racing track in the world.

Cessnock Greyhoung track is located at the Cessnock Showgrounds and offers parking at the grounds for visitors and compeditors. as well as camping facilities. No kenneling facilities are provided for greyhounds traveling with their trainers.

Bookmakers and TAB services are available at the track and video replays are available as required.
Cessnock Greyhound Racing Club
Cessnock Greyhound Track

PO Box 9
Cessnock NSW 2325

02 4990 1181
02 4991 1038
Track Details
Rope Cable Lure
400m, 457m, 617
Racing Information
The Cessnock Greyhound club holds racing meetings on Thursdays at twilight

The club offers a vetrinary service at race meetings for the safety and health of the competing dogs. The kennels are two-teir and are air-conditoned.

The club has two receses each year, one during June and another 4-week recess in January or February.

Races are held over 400m, 457m and 617m.
Nominations close at 10.00am on Mondays before race meetings.
Kennelling Time
Keneling time for race days is between 3.10pm and 3.50pm.
Solo trials and half-field trials are run over 300m, 400m, 457m and 17m and arm trials are also available if required.

Public trials are available on Sunday at 8.00am during daylight savings, and at 3pm ouside daylight savings times.

Trials are also available after the last race on race days.